Trust. Commitment.

Leading with uncompromising principals of Trust, Commitment, and Credibility, Majestic Rise is a prominent real estate asset management firm with a vision to add value to people's lives by guiding them to make the right property investment decisions.

Our varied services pertain to personalized property consultancy as well as property management.


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About Company

Established in 2013, Majestic Rise is a reliable and recognized Real Estate Asset Management Firm with an extensive portfolio and a wealth of expertise and experience. Majestic Rise is renowned for providing a spectrum of services pertaining to Residential and Commercial Property, Retail Property Assets, Portfolio Management, Investment Sales, Project Sales & Marketing, and Property Consultancy. We help people grow their empires through our well-thought-out growth strategies and real estate investment opportunities.

Our purpose is to lead the right people to the right property.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Experience: With remarkable experience in Real Estate, our team understands unique requirements and how to fulfill them brilliantly.
  • Portfolio: Our extensive portfolio comprises renowned residential and commercial projects by entrusted names in the industry.
  • Expertise: Our industry knowledge is unmatched, and we know every nook and corner of the regions we persist in.
  • Track Record: Majestic Rise has an impeccable track record as we ensure every client's 100% satisfaction.
  • Acumen: Majestic Rise deals with every business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.
  • Philosophy: We follow a defined set of beliefs and principals to achieve success, assuring consistency and ethical functioning.

Client Experiences

Fulfilling Promises. Fulfilling Dreams.


Abhishek Kumar Singh

Excellent client service. They answered all our questions and resolved all our queries timely. Appreciate the availability and assistance.


Nisha Jugtwan

Brilliant Team. I told them what kind of property I was looking for and they found it for me within days, we finalized the deal within weeks. Really impressed by their dedication and professionalism.


Sanjay Kumar

A friend of mine recommended Majestic Rise to me and said that they are one of the best Real Estate Advisors, I only believed it when I personally experienced how well they do their job. A big shoutout to the team.


Satveer Kaur Arang

I wanted to buy a property to invest in and after connecting with a lot of property dealers, I came across Majestic Rise, and trust me when I tell you that taking their advice has proven to be a great decision for me.


Sunil Saharan

Finding a property is no easy task and I’m grateful to Majestic Rise for helping me find a great property and make a good investment. Thank you for the assistance.


Shiv Prakash

Very knowledgeable team. They were able to understand our requirements aptly and helped us find our dream property within our budget. Great Job Majestic Rise. Keep it up.


Shashi Rana

Buying property is a major life decision and Majestic Rise has helped me make the right decision and led me to the right property by sharing all the information and helping me choose the best out of the best.


Krishna Hamal

It has been a good experience connecting with Majestic Rise. They really know what they’re doing and gave me logical advice based on their market experience and industry knowledge.


Anil Thakur

Nice Dealing in Property. Their market knowledge and experience is definitely what sets them apart from other dealers. Very nice guidance. I would definitely recommend them based on my personal experience.


Sandeep Sahni

Best Property Dealer in Tricity, as per my experience. I have connected with a lot of property dealers, but no one understood my requirements as well as them.


J Kumar

They helped me find the flat as per my requirements and within my budget. I recommend them for the professional and helpful consultation service.


Dipanshu Kalra

Thumbs up To Jaspreet Chawla. One of the top advisors in real estate in the office.